Iouanacéra invites you to a discovery to the rhythm of your emotions

Get immersed in the various atmospheres of the island, penetrate serene moods, the north with its lush vegetation, its inescapable mountains, where the forests, rivers and beaches of volcanic black sand follow one another in a ballet of biological diversity, a majestic setting where an atypical fauna plays hide and seek.

In the center of the island between urban condensed culture and rurality dotted here and there with islets of greenery.

And to the south with its forests which have nothing to envy to those of the north thanks to their particularities, the mangroves, dry expanses and coasts of singular beauty.

At the bend of a hidden shoreline, discover a country full of traditions and legacies in the heart of the preserved nature of our beautiful island, Iouanacéra’s team has spotted original places, benefiting from an ideal setting for activities such as walking, discovery, relaxation and well-being. Our professional guides, and our partners, a team of passionate people, welcome you with cordiality and are ready to listen to you and offer close attention for a poetic reading of the surroundings and a reconnection to yourself and nature. You will sample local and seasonal, healthy foods at our brunches and other snacks.

Therefore, away from the world's fever and the hustle and bustle of the city, focus on the essential in a unique world, with respect for nature and local culture. Whether you are seeking peace, relaxation, discoveries, Iouanacéra’s excursion program to discover our beautiful region is there for you. The various walks that we offer can be done in groups, with friends, or family, or made to measure!

Who we are

We are Raymonde and Bruno, two nature lovers passionate about our island of Martinique, IOÜANACÉRA.

We share a true love for nature and the environment in general and have done so for a very long time. Self-taught but curious, we decided to make it our profession. To that end we attended two trainings, one of Warden and Facilitator at the Regional Natural Park of Martinique and another one for Travel guides specialized in Eco Tourism. Upon completion of our trainings, we set about creating our company in order to accompany people in the discovery or rediscovery of our island.

During our walks we are led to share the legacies handed down from the first inhabitants of the island, the Amerindians. Our name Iouanacera (Iguana Island) is one of them.

Through objects, the vocabulary and a number of traditions, we honor those people who raised nature to the status of a deity, this same nature that we meander through on our tours.

In the north: green walks upriver, plunge into a vegetal and mineral universe, unexpected encounter with the local fauna.

In the south: along the coastline where we enjoy its benefits.

Our values

Lovers of our island, we are aware of the importance of preserving all this heritage, and our will is to communicate it to you. This is how the idea dawned on us to propose hikes, with the desire to make you discover or rediscover our beautiful Martinique by taking a break far from the tumult. Our primary objective is to satisfy our customers. Our itineraries are prepared with meticulousness and professionalism.

Finally, respect is at the heart of all our relations. This is a value that we put into practice every day with everyone. Respect for people: customers, service providers... But also respect for the territories, the environment and heritage.

Our escapades are breaks to disconnect from the urban world and reconnect with oneself.

Our values are to listen to our clients, develop warm relations with them, appreciate beauty where it is hidden and give back to people the ability to marvel.

Our commitment

Encourage the discovery of enchanting landscapes while taking the time, fully immerse oneself in the nature that surrounds us, favor encounters and sample the pleasures of the table.

Since the beginning of our adventure, responsible tourism has been at the forefront of our endeavor; by nature, our stays are environment-friendly. Our activity contributes to the discovery and highlighting of the beauties of our island and we build balanced and long term relations with our service providers.

Slow tourism

Slow tourism is a new concept in tourism. It is about taking the time to discover and appreciate landscapes and scenery.

Slow tourism is becoming more and more trendy. Many people nowadays are embracing slow tourism. Their philosophy is rather simple: they have decided to give themselves time, to take a break, to no longer spend their holidays in the stress of transportation and to bring the “rat race” to a halt. Converting to slow tourism is to enjoy holidays to the full.

This more authentic type of tourism allows one to live as close as possible to the local population and to learn more about the people. The aim is to immerse oneself as much as possible in the place one is visiting and to avoid crowds.

We invite you to a moment of poetic ecology, to marvel again through the forests and on the shores of our island.

And to see beauty where it is hidden, to observe by posing for a few moments and at the bend of a road, to see the totem animal that will make this parenthesis the antidote to the madness of our time.