Monté la riviè

Monté la riviè

Direction North Caribbean, Le Carbet, a pleasant seaside market-town. It is in the direction of the Carbet river that we propose to take you at first through the walk "Monté la riviè" (walking upstream along the river) and offer you an opportunity to dip into a nature so present in these places at the foot of the Pitons of Carbet where the Carbet river originates.

Day of excursion
Duration of excursion
Reception and departure for the excursion
8:30 p.m.
Aperitif and brunch
12:30 p.m.
Total duration of the activity
6 hours
Suitable clothing
Walking shoes
Equipment needed
1.5 L of water
Cereal bars
Sun protection

Others informations

Le Carbet

Legend has it that Christopher Columbus landed on a beach in Carbet in 1502. The municipality is located in the northwest part of the island of Martinique. It has an unbelievably beautiful grey sand beach lined with fishermen's huts, but not only that... We offer you a getaway there.

The brunch

The brunch consists mainly of local and healthy products, Péyi (country) teas, traditional chocolate, fruit juices, waters, drinks and aperitifs, local fruits, Caribbean mini burger (with fish), various salads made with smoked fish, smoked chicken, salted and sweet muffin with local flavor, cassava pancake, local jams, country vegetable salads...

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