Anse Caritan

Stroll in Anse Caritan

A breathtaking view of the Marin pass, the ” woman in bed ” (a small mountain range made up of the Morne Larcher forming a feminine silhouette) and further out, the Diamond rock announces the beginnings of our stroll. By taking a portion of the trail of the Capes, a succession of small turquoise beaches and mysterious creeks are offered to the contemplation.


On the south-eastern tip of the island, Sainte-Anne is a commune that has committed itself to playing the “green” card, to sustainable development and solidarity.
We propose two excursions there.

The stroll

Every Thursday, starting from Sainte-Anne, we offer you a tranquil stroll.

In the morning, departure at 9am for a 3.5 hour walk,
followed by an Aperitif & Lunch for 1.5 hours.

In the afternoon, departure at 2pm for a 1 hour walk followed by a Créole snack during 1h.
In the afternoon, a 15-minute massage is included in your booking!

We simply ask for a reservation at least 5 days in advance.



  • 1.5L water
  • Camera
  • Cereal bar
  • Sunglasses
  • Swimsuit
  • Sun protection
June 2022
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun


At the moment we only accept reservations 5 days in advance minimum.

Are you more than two?
For the moment we invite you to contact us to make your reservation.

Lunch Package

The lunch consists mainly of local and healthy products, Peyi teas, traditional chocolate, fruit juices, waters, aperitif drinks, local fruits, mini Caribbean burgers (fish), various salads based on smoked fish, smoked chicken, salted and sweet muffins with local flavours, manioc pancakes, local jams, local vegetable salads…

Local snack package

The snack consists of a range of traditional local pastries, pineapple cake, jam pies, hidden love, peyi macaroons or sorbets (on reservation)..depending on seasonal availability.