Reconnecting with nature, reconnecting with yourself !
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Come and discover our heritage

Step in and let yourself be enchanted by all the faces of Martinique.
In a world that moves too fast, take the time to share and re-connect, whether you are coastal or river, relaxation or discovery, salty or sweet, you will be surrounded by the whole Ioüanacéra team who will accompany you in the practice of wonder.

Discover Martinique differently

The salt pans

The salt flats, long white sandy beach, coconut trees, azure sea, these are the first features of the great salt flats cove located in the commune of Sainte Anne in the south of Martinique…

Cap Macré

Wild and mineral, Cap Macré will make you discover one of the most beautiful coasts of the island, with landscapes lending themselves to meditation far from the tumult

Anse Caritan

A breathtaking view of the Marin pass, the ” woman in bed ” (a small mountain range made up of the Morne Larcher forming a feminine silhouette) and further out, the Diamond rock…

Northern walks

Head to the north of the island, to go up the green Morne Vert, along the Caplet River. This route takes you to Carbet, a pleasant seaside and forest town.

Our massages

After the sensory and meditative well-being walk, continue your relaxation break with a detox and well-being moment on the beach, or on a natural spa in the heart of the forest! Combined with all the natural elements, the gentle caress of the trade winds, the sound of the waves, the rustling of the leaves in the trees, the energising rays of the sun on the skin and sometimes even the rain. Our massages with essential oils, or scrubs, provide multiple benefits on the physical and mental, synchronize body and mind, exfoliate and purify, reduce stress, relax and promote letting go and regaining energy.

Our lunches & snacks

After the sensory and meditative well-being walk, continue your relaxation break with a delightful moment! Where taste is at the forefront, you will appreciate our healthy, local, sustainable and organic seasonal food and local sweets during our lunches. For the afternoon snack, traditional local pastries or cookies, fresh fruit juices and infusions of local plants. Your taste buds will be charmed by the innovative talents of our culinary artists and caterers who sublimate the products of our land with love and passion.